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Extend your stay at Lilly Creek Farm by lodging with us!

bridal party prepares before wedding day
A bride laughs with her bridesmaids.

Coming soon to Lilly Creek Farm will be an on-site lodging option for the bridal/groom parties.

This new addition will have a private entrance and allow you and your closest confidants to enjoy the evening before your big day right here on-site!

While any of the local lodging options are more than adequate, we at Lilly Creek Farm know that you chose this venue for a reason. So, why not explore a little?

Lodging on-site means less stress, less to worry about, and more time relaxing and enjoying the biggest day of your life (so far!)

Lilly Creek Farm has tons to do including catch and release fishing, cornhole, and relaxing by the fire. Mostly, lodging at Lilly Creek Farm will help you to take it all in and prepare for the day to come.

Get rid of the morning-of stress associated with traveling from your lodging to the venue

explore Lilly Creek Farm
A bride and groom stroll through Lilly Creek Farm!

itself and wake up on-site refreshed and ready to enjoy your dream wedding! Rather than packing your things up and driving to the site, you can rest easy knowing that it's a short walk from your bed to the bridal suite...which means hello more beauty sleep!

Book a venue tour TODAY to learn more!

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