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Experience the Magic of Outdoor Weddings

There's something magical about exchanging vows surrounded by nature’s beauty. Outdoor weddings evoke a sense of freedom, romance, and beauty that's hard to replicate indoors. From lush gardens and open fields to lakesides and forests, outdoor wedding venues let couples fully immerse themselves in the atmosphere of their wedding day. If you're planning a wedding and want it to be extraordinary, Lilly Creek Farm, a leading venue offering all inclusive wedding packages is here to explore all of the reasons why outdoor ceremonies are truly exceptional. Let nature be your witness and create memories that will last a lifetime.

Beautiful Backdrops

Unlike traditional hotel ballrooms, outdoor wedding venues offer breathtaking and unique backdrops that elevate your wedding photos and videos. Imagine capturing stunning sunset portraits amidst a lush vineyard, dancing under the romantic glow of string lights on a picturesque lakeside patio, and stealing intimate kisses in a hidden garden alcove. The vibrant colors, rich textures, and captivating scenery of the outdoors will effortlessly set the stage for a visually stunning and unforgettable wedding celebration. These timeless photos will transport you back to the magical experience, allowing you to relive every cherished moment for years to come.

Flexible Creative Freedom

The freedom of the outdoors also allows for customizable elements that are impossible in hotel ballrooms or indoor chapels. Couples can shape unique ceremony spaces like lakeside altars, field aisles marked with flower petals, or exchanging vows on a bridge in a garden. Outdoor wedding reception venues give freedom in layouts.

From refined and elegant to natural and playful, outdoor venues lend themselves effortlessly to diverse wedding aesthetics. Infuse loads of greenery for organic flair or go for an ultra-glam vibe with metallic and glass accents. Using the landscape as your foundation, you can be as traditional or funky as you desire with your ceremony and reception design.

Perfect for Large or Intimate Weddings 

Outdoor venues offer the perfect wedding setting, accommodating a wide range of guest counts, from intimate elopements to grand celebrations. Amid nature's beauty, small weddings become even more charming, evoking a sense of intimacy and romance. Meanwhile, larger parties have ample space to mingle, ensuring a lively and vibrant atmosphere without feeling cramped.

One of the advantages of outdoor venues is their ability to provide contingency plans for unexpected weather conditions. With the inclusion of indoor spaces, you can rest assured that your guest list won't be affected by Mother Nature's unpredictability. This added flexibility ensures that your special day will proceed smoothly, regardless of any unforeseen circumstances. Immerse yourself in the ambiance of outdoor venues and create unforgettable memories surrounded by the beauty of nature.

Ideal Lighting and Atmosphere

Sun shining through trees or strings of bistro lights softly glowing creates far better illumination than harsh indoor lighting. Natural sunlight and fresh air make everyone look and feel their best on the big day. Strategic outdoor lighting designs also craft cozy ceremony environments.

Outdoor weddings foster a wonderful sense of privacy and intimacy despite being in open spaces. Surrounded by nature makes the occasion feel special between the couple and their gathered loved ones. It encourages a togetherness harder to establish in enclosed indoor venues.

Cost Benefits

Choosing an outdoor wedding venue can offer significant cost savings over more traditional indoor venues. Outdoor weddings tend to require less decor since the natural scenery provides much of the aesthetics. Simple flower arrangements and altar backdrops are usually sufficient rather than lavish floral displays or drapery set-ups. Outdoor lighting like string lights adds ambiance without going over the budget either. And you can save on food by opting for more casual catering from food trucks or barbecue vendors rather than multi-course plated dinners. Just be sure to have a backup rain plan! Taking the celebration outside cuts major corners off the total wedding price tag.

Stunning Outdoor Spaces at Lilly Creek Farms

If you want all the magnificence of an outdoor wedding infused with elegant North Georgia charm, Lilly Creek Farms is for you. Our lakefront deck makes an awe-inspiring ceremony site, exchanging vows against a stunning backdrop of water, mountains, and sunsets. Our contemporary white pavilion creates an airy, romantic reception space bursting with natural light. We'll handle every last detail while you bask in the magic! Just minutes from top Georgia attractions, we offer the best of convenience and beauty. 

As one of the leading mountain wedding venues in North Georgia, our team at Lilly Creek Farm will pamper you every step of the way and flawlessly execute your vision. With flexible all-inclusive packages, we can meet your budget and needs when planning your dream wedding. Get in touch today to tour our gorgeous 200-acre property!

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